Maize, also known as corn, is a cereal grain that has several uses besides human consumption such as: making corn ethanol, animal feed and other maize products like corn starch and corn syrup wheat.

Soya beans, or soybean, is a species of legume native to East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean, which has numerous uses. Fat-free soybean meal is a significant and cheap source of protein for animal feeds and many packaged meals.

Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is used worldwide for human consumption as well as for animal feed. Raw wheat can be ground into flour or, using hard durum wheat only, can be ground into semolina; germinated and dried creating malt; crushed or cut into cracked wheat; parboiled (or steamed), dried, crushed and de-branned into bulgur also known as groats. If the raw wheat is broken into parts at the mill, as is usually done, the outer husk or bran can be used several ways.