About Us

The fastest and most reliable trading house

RaDa Trading was founded with the aim of servicing major industries worldwide to meet their needs of chemical and oil products.

The experienced management team and its sound relationships with major financial institutions have enabled the company to develop a reputation as a reliable and innovative trading partner.

RaDa Trading is a chemical and oil products trading company operating in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, and the former CIS countries.

What We Do

We offer a diversified portfolio of products such as crude oil, fuel oil, gas oil, slack wax, high and low density Polyethylene, fertilizers, petrochemicals, base oil, bitumen and others.

RaDa Trading has a strong hold across the supply chain including refining production facilities, storage facilities, trading operations, shipping and logistics. We provide expert advise and consultancy on a wide range of areas. Consulting and the means by which this service is engaged vary according to industry and local practice.

Experienced team of energy, petrochemicals and commodities traders work round the clock to serve customers effectively.Strong control on the supply chain ensures efficiency and predictability in delivery and minimizes product waste. This enables RaDa Trading team's to pass on cost savings to customers.