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Taking trading to new skylines

The experienced management team and its sound relationships with major financial institutions have enabled the company to develop a reputation as a reliable and innovative trading partner.

About us

The fastest and most reliable trading house

RaDa Trading was founded with the aim of servicing major industries worldwide to meet their needs of chemical and oil products.

The experienced management team and its sound relationships with major financial institutions have enabled the company to develop a reputation as a reliable and innovative trading partner.

RaDa Trading is a chemical and oil products trading company operating in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, and the former CIS countries.

We offer a diversified portfolio of products such as crude oil, fuel oil, gas oil, slack wax, high and low density Polyethylene, fertilizers, petrochemicals, base oil, bitumen and others.

RaDa Trading has a strong hold across the supply chain including refining production facilities, storage facilities, trading operations, shipping and logistics.

We provide expert advise and consultancy on a wide range of areas. Consulting and the means by which this service is engaged vary according to industry and local practice.

Experienced team of energy, petrochemicals and commodities traders work round the clock to serve customers effectively.

Strong control on the supply chain ensures efficiency and predictability in delivery and minimizes product waste. This enables RaDa Trading team’s to pass on cost savings to customers.

The Group

Bringing together over 70 years of experience

RaDa Trading LLC is part of Al Fahim Avenue Investment Holding group of companies.

Al Fahim Avenue Investment Holding was founded in 2018 and combines over 70 years of experience in the following domains: project management, communications and events planning, distribution of medical supplies and commodities trading.

The group has swiftly come to be known by its competitors, as well as in the market, for the cutting edge leadership, the uncompromising worth ethic and the clarity in planning, all of which set the standard.

Conveniently located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the organization has other business arms in various segments besides the trading division:

Brookson Project Management

An end to end project management and services company....

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Integrity Agency Dubai

A fully integrated communications agency....

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Nexhold Medical

In short, a distribution company for medical solutions and equipment...

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Our Products

Crude Oil

Crude oil is a natural fossil fuel which, once refined, is used to create most of the energy sources used industrially and domestically...

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Fuel Oil

Fuel oil, which is distilled from crude oil and often left as residue during the refining process, refers to a range of the least...

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A middle distillate and form of heating oil. In refining terms, gasoil comes between fuel oil and the lighter products...

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Slack Wax

Waxes are a class of chemical compounds that are malleable near ambient temperatures. They are also a type of lipid...

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High and Low Density Polyethylene

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is a semi-rigid and translucent polymer. It is produced by high pressure polymerization...

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Diammonium phosphate DAP18-46-0
Urea 46N

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RaDa Trading team’s comprehensive understanding of evolving dynamics within the global petrochemicals market allows us to effectively...

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Base Oils

Base Oils are the building blocks or a range of products including lubricating greases, motor oil and industrial oil, which are used in...

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Bitumen is a semi-solid hydrocarbon product produced during the refining process. It is left behind once the lighter fractions have been...

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White refined sugar - ICUMSA 45
Brown refined sugar
Raw sugar

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Maize, wheat, soya beans for human consumption as well as for animal feed.

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Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG or LP gas), also referred to as simply propane or butane...

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Our Services

Financial Consulting: We can suggest and render financial services based on your profile. We offer personalized financial advise for your investments, business planning and trade operations.

Trade Financing: Our sound relationships with major financial institutions have enabled us to facilitate credit lines and financing schemes for trade transactions.

Brokerage Division: We can serve as intermediary for negociating and executing transactions. We provide secure and efficient brokerage services through our team of experienced professionals.

Our Banking Partners:

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DMCC Branch : JBC 2 , Cluster V , Unit 2002 , Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai , UAE

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